Open Positions

Science is one of the most fascinating and mysterious human being experiences, where every detail surprisingly emerges as the window for the entire universe to be perceived. In this respect, Optics is a privileged discipline, light-and-knowledge being inherently related in a very wide variety of activities. That's why, moved by the desire of further disclosing such unity, we keep working for connecting topics and disciplines traditionally thought as separate fields.

Starting from Nonlinear Optics, we contributed in merging expertise from the ultrafast, spatial soliton-and-pattern and linear optics communities, which boosted the growth of the "space-time" light localization investigation. The research currently outlines nonlinear conical waves as the best candidate for a comprehensive understanding of ultra-short and intense pulse propagation inside transparent dielectrics, and for a number of relevant applications including XUV and THz generation, creation of long and stable plasma channels, laser micro-fabrication, etc..... read more

Prof. Paolo Di Trapani